Houseplants that are dangerous to the health of humans and animals
Unhealthy plants.As we know, indoor plants decorate the interior, clean and humidify the air and create comfort in the house and in a good mood. Seemingly solid pros. But before…

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Can a pregnant to take care of Pets?
Pregnancy and Pets. What can be the care of Pets during pregnancy? Many pregnant women have Pets – cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, turtles, fishes, birds and other animals that lives…

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New year and Pets

Pre-holiday bustle, bright elegant tree will definitely cause a huge interest in your pet. The animal will be considered or even try to play with fir branches and toys. so don’t forget to firmly secure the Christmas tree. Decorating her remember that the most dangerous, especially for cats, “rain”. Long crisp and brilliant thread cause they have an overwhelming desire to play, and sometimes eat unusual toy.

Due to the anatomy of the cat language the animal could not spit out the thread and forced to swallow it. The rain is not digested, injure the intestines and cause obstruction. Often animals hit glass balls with fir branches. The toy is broken, and the animal cut into sharp shards paws. Fragile decorations must be hung only on an unattainable height for the animal. Keep in mind that cats can climb the tree and get favorite toy from any branch. Not worth it to hang on the Christmas tree and edible decorations, especially if your dog has a sweet tooth. Dangerous for Pets and electric garlands – say otherwise has no wire can cause injury. But what to decorate the Christmas tree? Try to decorate Christmas tree plastic toys, painted cones, paper streamers.

The arrival of a large number of guests, the hustle and bustle can cause animal anxiety and fear, or, conversely, povyshennogo. Non-aggressive dogs usually love to be around people, but a large concentration can cause them excessive anxiety. Guardian breeds and cats with character can meet guests aggressive. In addition, guests is not only an emotional ordeal for the animals, but sometimes serious danger to them. Otdalennye paws and tails, feeding from the table, opening the front door and Windows – this is not a complete list of what can hurt your close friends four-legged friends. If you are not sure that guests adhere to the same as you, rules for the treatment of animals, stands on that day to isolate your pet.

And remember that animals don’t like drunks. Do not be offended by a dog or a cat, if she suddenly turn up his nose even from the owner – the smell of alcohol and changed his behavior makes you different, strange and potentially dangerous man.