Rainbow Bridge (Pets) is:
The story tells that the souls of dead Pets go, beyond Heaven, a Paradise where the green of the clearing. Once the animal is out there, they are healed of…

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Dogs and cats in good hands
You decide to do with those animals or do you for some reason need to give their dogs, cats or their offspring. You expect to pay the dog or cat…

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The government will determine breeds of dogs, which will need to train

The government is going to determine breeds of dogs, which will need to be sure to train. The corresponding list will be included in a bill about responsible attitude to animals, which the state Duma is preparing to the second reading.

Now in document dangerous breeds is the American pit bull Terrier, Caucasian shepherd dog, South African Boerboel, Karelian bear dog, etc. and mixes of these breeds.

Instructor / dog trainer Alexey Vereschagin believes that the need to train all dogs. “In addition to the danger to others, the city can be dangerous for the dog. If you are not able to control the dog on a walk, it’s dangerous for you and the pet, and for all others, – he told on air of radio station “Moscow FM”. – I am against such lists. We will meet a huge number of stray dogs, which are very difficult to sign in this list be sure to train breeds. And the main thing – small dogs are often no less problematic”.

As writes “the Russian newspaper”. under the bill, the dog is “dangerous breed”, after reaching a certain age, have to be trained and get a degree “cultural dog”. Only after that, the pet owner will be allowed to live with him.

The document also lists prawiranegara dogs. Four-legged friends of any breed will need to walk on a leash and muzzled. This requirement will not apply to puppies under the age of three months and decorative dogs height at withers up to 25 centimeters. The government propose to raise this level to 30 centimeters.

In addition, dogs will need to register – keep an unregistered dog dangerous the house bill prohibits. But to get the registration to complete training will have to master.

Note, in Moscow the rules of keeping animals defined by the Code of Moscow about administrative offences. It says that a dog without a leash and a muzzle it is impossible to visit shops, playgrounds, markets, beaches, and public transportation. Walk dogs are prohibited on the territory of healthcare institutions, kindergartens and schools. With the dog off leash, you cannot walk in a natural and green spaces. For all these violations face a fine up to 1 thousand rubles.

Most convenient to walk the dogs in a special area, fenced. This site appeared near the house, residents must submit an application to the district Council. There needs to find a suitable territory and equip it.