Cat breeds
Believe it or not, but a long time ago in one of the monasteries of Ancient Burma (now Myanmar) was an amazing event. According to legend, the robbers attacked the…

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Pets have become victims of barbaric persecution in Birobidzhan
According to pet owners, the following objects of the actions of the unknown wrestlers with stray cats and dogs will have children Birobidzhan, February 28, EAOMedia. Frequent cases of poisoning…

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Dogs and cats in good hands

You decide to do with those animals or do you for some reason need to give their dogs, cats or their offspring. You expect to pay the dog or cat is in good hands or put in a shelter. Then you need to know in the sphere of adopting a lot of fraud . and fraud cruel . the result is usually death of the animal within a few days after “finding a home”. In addition to a good, kind and responsible people, your animals may be of interest to very dangerous people – they are, unfortunately, very much. Before you attach animal wherever it is, please read this information.

I. not to give animals 1. Revoluntary and liabiuty, dealers. 2. Beggars, beggars with animals. 3. Breeders have. “Puppy factory” (“Puppy farms”). 4. Sadistic butchers and inadequate, mentally ill people. 5. Employees and suppliers of Korean restaurants. 6. Satanists. 7. Fissures. 8. Zoophiles. 9. The organizers of dog fights. 10. Owners of large pet reptiles. 11. Unreliable hosts.

II. What to do to your animal became a sacrifice 1. The content of advertisements and the selection of sites for placement. 2. A conversation with a caller on the ad and verification of contact information. 3. “Remote adoption” and sending animals to drogaraia. 4. A personal acquaintance with potential hosts. 5. Interview with potential hosts. 6. Safety of the animal after adopting: monitoring of the situation. 7. Questions and answers.

That hell is on earth, known for a long time and many, but not all know where. Besides, we all have our own is the most common version.

But there are places where the word “hell” is not a metaphor, not a comparison, not Association – the most that neither is the reality of suffering, of horror and gnashing of teeth.

The animal shelter is hell for everyone living in it. Few people dare to visit these torture chambers and that very unity is to work there.

Imagine the cell, which forcibly, against will put several dogs. And pushing, no one is puzzled by the problem of the compatibility of the characters future neighbours. So in one cell can be angry at the world, and the fate of the huge street dog and a thin, soft, quivering dog, yesterday former home. Very few people will care about the second. It can detect morning tirisanas to death. What agonies she had to withstand during the night, knows only her soul.

Imagine a fierce winter and the same (like any other) cell, and the dog curled up on the floor frozen. She can’t enter the booth to keep warm: it simply won’t let more powerful neighbors for “living space”. It can detect in the morning frozen to death. If she survived, but she got sick, maybe it’s someone will notice. Read more ”

Your child is asked a kitten, and… You fell for it.

Of course, it’s fine, even romantic – looking, like a little fluffy ball jumping, playing, fondled beside Your hands. Nice and gentle meows and purrs. And when You see how it amuses your favorite child – and all incredibly touched. But suddenly You begin to notice that your child has watery eyes, he sneezes and becomes sluggish. You puzzled a doctor, and it turns out that Your son or daughter has an Allergy to animal’s hair.

You are in a panic. How to solve the problem? Rush for advice to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors. Most likely, You will get unambiguous advice: if Your child is allergic. the kitten should leave the house. That’s right, the child’s health is important. And here the child crying, and You have a new problem: what to do with the animal? You have interviewed all the relatives and friends of the people – the kitten nobody wanted. You again turn for advice and gets it. “Yes bring him to the shelter, not outside, in the shelter warm and fed,” say You. What you should know when You decide to take this step.

If You decide to take your cat to a shelter, You need to know:

1. The shelter is territory, which, along with open-air cages for dogs, there are cabins, which contained a cat. The number of animals in them, that is, how many will be able to accommodate the shed. We must remember that the population hand over their cats and found quite actively and with a desperate constancy, and the huts in the shelter as much as it was originally. So, if Your cat had a lot to live in this shed, it will not be the only inhabitant of this dwelling. It can live twenty and even thirty cats. Knowing your cat, You can imagine that she would have to worry about slamming the door of the cabins.

We must bear in mind that taking your pet, You will not miss where he’ll be placed on a residence. Or show a more “premium” the object is to remove in the future all questions. In cat people, as a rule, visitors – under various pretexts – are not allowed, and to visit my cat You can not. You just will not be possible sometime in the future – if You change your mind – take it back.

2. Food. In municipal shelters Moscow cats were fed with the class “economy”: in addition to bone meal, colours or preservatives it contains nothing. Knowing the habits of Your cat, You can easily performance. Read more ”

Five reasons to think about your decision again

If You decide to take your dog to a shelter, You should know the following:

1. The shelter is territory in which slender, and sometimes fever are the rows of cages. Aviary is a cage that doesn’t have a standard size. The aviary is in the booth, knocked again, not according to GOST. So, if Your dog had a lot to live in a cage, she will not be the only inhabitant of this dwelling. It can live two or three dogs. Knowing your dog, You can imagine that she would have to worry for the slamming of the cage door.

2. Food. In municipal shelters Moscow dogs are fed food economy class. Feed a bone meal are unlikely to present anything. Knowing your dog, You can imagine how many days she will be forced to starve, to finally start eating something that would never eat at home.

3. The human factor. In Moscow shelters are, as a rule, migrant workers from southern countries. They don’t understand Russian language, and do not understand the language of an animal whose life is literally in their hands. Knowing your dog, understanding its language, You can imagine the odds that she will face, General.