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Parrot diarrhea. Prevention and treatment

In 90% of cases of the disease in parrots, including diarrhea, occur at the fault of the owner of the birds is wrong podborany food for parrot, inadequate level of hygiene in the cage and in the room in General, poor conditions of detention (for example, violation of the light regime) – this is one of the main reasons for the weakening of immunity birds that contribute to the emergence and development of painful conditions.

Parrot diarrhea

Diarrhea in a parrot is one of the most common diseases faced by bird owners.

Diseases of the stomach in parrots can cause the following causes: spraying aerosols in the room, poor quality food and even some potted plants.

Diarrhea can be caused by two very similar disorders or diarrhea, or polyuria. The polyuria is very watery droppings, but they retain their shape, and with diarrhea the feces are soft, shapeless mass.

When any disease of the bird immediately notices the change of state of the birds. She may refuse food, becomes listless and silent.

During the diarrhea parrot long sits at the bottom of the cage, refuses to eat. In the excrement of birds you can get large blotches of green, sometimes even blood. Also the allocation of can purchase grey. Because of the diarrhea parrot soiled feathers under the tail (around the cloaca). And indeed clearactivity inflamed and painful.

If the diarrhea continues for a long time, the parrot begins to lose weight. For feathers it is difficult to determine exactly how much weight lost bird. It is best to test it in healthy birds keel bone (growth on the chest) slightly to the lesions. If the keel sticks out much, so the bird gets sick for a long time.

The cause of diarrhea in parrots

One of the main causes of diarrhea is bad food: stale wet grain mixture, stagnant water, contaminated food, decaying fruit, or an excessive amount of greenery. Because of all this, the bird can sometimes be an upset stomach.

It is very important to the diet of a parrot, attended the millet, if it is not, at least a few days, very likely the start of diarrhea. Also diarrhea in a parrot can cause drafts.

Treatment of diarrhea in a parrot

To begin, wash the feathers of the birds from contamination. Clean the cage and change the litter.

During the illness of the parrot will be not enough power on your own heating, and it will constantly freeze. Create the perfect conditions for the birds – the optimum temperature, humidity, lack of draughts. Also, for heating poultry for 2-3 hours a day place an infrared lamp. However, if you notice blood in the litter, this can not be done.

Move the cage with a parrot in a quiet area. Noise can cause diarrhea. Try to create soothing background noise (e.g. turn on in the room, soft classical music).

Change the used feed. It is not quality food, often causes diarrhea. It is desirable to completely eliminate grain mix that You feed the parrot, and buy a new one.

Begin to feed the parrot without sunflower seeds cereals. It is best to feed the rice welded on water without the addition of milk, salt and other fats. Completely eliminate from the diet of a parrot any fruit and greens.

As reinforcement tools, you can give the bird a decoction of chamomile and St. John’s wort. As well as to give the adsorbent in small quantities 3 times a day for two days. As the adsorbent can be used: smektu, polyphepanum, filtrum, enterodez, enterosgel or simple or activated charcoal. Tablet of coal should be crushed into powder and sprinkle half moist food and half of powder to add to the drinker.

Diarrhea can occur due to calcium deficiency. Therefore, the addition of calcium in food can solve the problem. It can be bought at the pharmacy, or grind in a coffee grinder clean egg shells. The powder should be added to the food.

To treat diarrhea in a parrot can different medicines. For example, adding in the drinker immunomodulatory agent “Gamavit” – ½ ml per 50 ml of drinking water. Often it is just buried in the bill is four or five drops daily. The entire course of treatment “Gamavitom” is about seven days.

You can try to use dry bacteria are sold in veterinary pharmacies. For example, a good tool is “Vetom 1.1”. Let’s parrot the drug twice a day, adding one drop in the drinking water. Course count on seven days.

Professional help

If the measures taken after the situation stabilizes, the parrot need to show the vet. If the diarrhoea lasts several days, it can be a sign of serious health problems.

You should carefully examine the nature of poultry litter – as far as it is a liquid and which has a color. If possible take a Picture and go for a consultation with a specialist. You need to describe in detail the possible causes of the disease and describe the symptoms.

Good advice or a recommendation from a doctor you can get on specialized web forums. If they suspect something serious, or will not be able to help you in absentia, you have to tell where and who to contact. The medication is still better not to do. You should consult a specialist in veterinary hospital.

Before treating diarrhea in a parrot, the specialist will do tests. Only the doctor can ascertain a totality of symptoms the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment!

Remember! The most effective measures against diverse diseases are: clean, bright room, good-quality food (not musty, without dust and mold), clean drinking water at room temperature, the absence of parasites, absence of draughts and normal room temperature.

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