Other dog breeds, Poodle
As already mentioned in the introductory article, there are some dog breeds that have the morphological characteristics cannot be attributed with certainty to any particular group, and the known sources…

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Animals that you never would have thought they were relatives.
We've learned that the relationship determines the resemblance: is it fair to expect a couple blue-eyed blondes have the same blonde kid with eyes of heavenly color. However, the nature…

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World of animals: best of the best

Amazing and diverse world of animals . Most of the most: the smallest. the most large. the fastest its representatives — the heroes of our article.

Definitely the best in the world the animals — they are our beloved Pets. But, like people (and we also belong to the class of animals) in the animal world also has its records.

World of animals: biggest

Is the blue whale. Thirty-three meters — that the registered length of the female mammal. And its weight is almost 200 tonnes. Moreover, almost 30% of the body is the head of the marine colossus. And his tongue weighs 4 000 kg.

The largest land animal — the elephant savanna. This giant is listed in the Guinness book of world records. The largest elephant in Savannah weighed over 12 tons. This animal was killed in Angola in the second half of the twentieth century (1974)

The largest wild cat — the Amur tiger. The length of males is more than 3 meters, and weighs over two hundred pounds.

One of the biggest representative of the cat — the Liger. This beast is to treat the hybrids. Read more about it on.

The biggest cloven-hoofed animal — the bison. This giant is listed in the Red book. It weighs a ton, body length is three meters. And the height ( at the shoulder is about two hundred centimeters.

The largest bird is the African ostrich.

Height of the animal is almost 3 meters, and weight — kg. bleedout Can run at a speed of 70km/h, making jumps of 4 meters.

The fastest animal

Cheetah — a wild cat, which is the animal world of Africa. Speed — 120 km/h. But no living creature in the world is able to reach such a speed, like a peregrine Falcon. It is a bird of the Falcon semasa. Scientists have found that the flying speed of the peregrine Falcon reaches more than three hundred kilomeres an hour! More than half a million living creatures that inhabit our planet are United in a huge group (Kingdom of scientific classification) named the animal world .

Did you know that wildlife, for example, Africa is not just a habitat. According to popular belief, dead people return to earth in the form of animals

Looking for on labels

The fastest, smartest, biggest animals in the world. You know who they are? These are our Pets.They are our beloved Pets.

Did you know that according to statistics the most popular Pets — cats, dogs in second place, then hamsters, fishes, birds. And then went exotic wildlife

Animals of the red book is a species under threat. The degree of risk of a wild animal — specific section of this edition.

Animals, whether Pets or wild animals, interested in a huge number of people. Red book created in order to prevent the extinction of animals, to wildlife, their natural habitat, shall not perish from the face of the earth