Rainbow Bridge (Pets) is:
The story tells that the souls of dead Pets go, beyond Heaven, a Paradise where the green of the clearing. Once the animal is out there, they are healed of…

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In the state Duma drafted a list of dangerous dog breeds
A group of United Russia headed by the Chairman of the Committee for the protection of natural resources Eugene Tugolukov submitted to the state Duma the bill "About responsible treatment…

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Room thrushes-fieldfares

In three weeks I went to town, got into the Internet and made many discoveries! It turned out that it is thrush that you can and want to feed him a mash, I didn’t have to pick it up, then parents would continue to feed him and what to let go of the monster cannot. Live blackbirds in captivity for 20 years, so we must somehow learn to live together.

Grozdanic not yet learned to fly, we walked on the site is free. But once he went off the side of the house, as usual, and in the direction of the nearest fishing line and disappeared. Until one night we went on line, called him, but to no avail. Thought more we’ll see of him. What was our joy when the next day we saw him on the lawn around the house! I offered him his favorite berry honeysuckle, as he pounced on them! Hungry, poor fellow!

Had to build an enclosure to this problem.

And I’m beginning to think that it would be good to have another one drozdik to our not so boring to sit in a cage. Because he us a tail went. And here on the rat forum (I still have a rat) there was an announcement that found a young thrush-Fieldfare with a broken wing, catalogonuevo urgently where-that to attach! The next day I went for a drozdik, returned with him to the cottage, and my daughter shows me just selected the cat thrush-belobrovik. So we became three thrush Redwing was great, absolutely wild, with fieldfares he had not worked. And the damage was not serious. So we cured and released. And rabeneck are very good together. The second Fieldfare called Zeus, decided that he was a boy, a girl Hera. Well so we thought. Maybe in the spring I can find out if we are right

Drozdov a mash feed for insect-eating birds, insects and fruit. Last time averaged 28 components, which are put into the mash. Then another 3 remembered that I forgot to put )) As well, that in the summer at the cottage I prepared nettles, dandelions, Moore.egg, Rowan. And the insects breed itself. However, live my pigs only eat muchnikov and wax moth. The others have to freeze and grind in the mash. Even if cut into slices cockroaches and crickets they pluck them from the pot and scatter around the bowl. -I caught blackbirds (((

About a month after moving to the city decided to begin to let them walk around the apartment. It turned out that despite the broken wing and the lack of flying practice, thrushes immediately began to rush as fighters, showing the wonders of aerobatics. Gradually managed to teach them to return after walking into the cage.

On the walk she is full quite often visits us on the table when we eat, he is interested in our menu)). Even allows you to Pat yourself on the back. Eats from the hands of the sweets with pleasure. To get off hands, although she doesn’t really like. And while shy with the Throat, preferring to watch the antics of Geronimi with lockers. But gradually, I hope, and he tamed, at least learn to take sweets from the hands