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How to feed Pets in crisis: expert

In connection with the fall of the ruble pet food has risen sharply. Many owners of cats and dogs are thinking about the transfer of Pets at home food. Is it possible to save on animal feed, to understand the correspondent of “Vesti FM” Alexander Zangiev.

“Chicken with vegetables”, “meat feast”, “the abundance of useful herbs”, “ABC beef”, “vegetable stew”: today in stores treats for Pets – more than enough. However, more recently, feed prices began to bite. It turns out that to feed an animal consumes a portion of the budget, complaining breeder Anastasia Perevedenskaya .

“Because I have dogs exhibition, we feed them a professional foreign feed. Just a few months the price habitual for us forage grown. Some 30, 40 and even to 50%. This is a pretty serious problem, because wages have remained at the same level,” complains Perevedenskaya.

In such circumstances, many owners of cats and dogs decide to abandon the expensive dry food in favor of homemade food. However, the known canine Vitaly Orlov says: such savings will have a negative impact on animals. Soups and porridge simply will not yield the necessary nutrients and create health problems.

“Dry food is really a panacea. For 95% of cases, this is a story that deystvitelnosti, wealthy and honest. Honest and to the owner, and in relation to animals”, – says Orlov.

Meanwhile pet owners have already started in social networks to share the recipes that you can make at home. For example, “cat pancakes”: to cook, grate the frozen beef, carrots, nettles, lettuce. Add calcium tablets, peas and olive oil, whisk the egg, to make ready the mass of the pellet and all of this bake in the oven. Here only experts warn that such “treats” may not be suitable for those who are accustomed to dry feed. The Chairman of the Union of enterprises of pet Kirill Dmitriev believes that the diet should be trusted only to professionals.

“Still ready to replace complete feed, for which there are serious manufacturers, science, nutritionists, scientists, industry, homemade food from the table or cereals it is impossible”, says Dmitriev.

However, to save on food and animals is possible without giving up a convenient dry food. It’s enough to change the hyped American brands in Russian. The latter is often no worse than foreign, but the price is much lower.

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