Parrot diarrhea. Prevention and treatment
In 90% of cases of the disease in parrots, including diarrhea, occur at the fault of the owner of the birds is wrong podborany food for parrot, inadequate level of…

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Parrot diarrhea. Prevention and treatment
In 90% of cases of the disease in parrots, including diarrhea, occur at the fault of the owner of the birds is wrong podborany food for parrot, inadequate level of…

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To have or not to have a pet

Many people just love different Pets. But when the family changes residence, often she won’t dare to have a pet in a new place. Why is this happening? What are the “pros” and “cons” in question allowed, if you are a new immigrant with children? Let’s deal with it.

Positive and good mood. Probably the most major plus all the Pets! In order to get positive emotions and we get the Pets. It’s nice when you come home, and there you are met by a yawning cat or smiling dog, and how fun to play with the dog or it’s nice to watch the floating in an aquarium fish. The greatest thing we can give animals is a positive and good mood every day, sincerely and completely for free!

Development of the child . Any animal requires care when you make pet, your child copying you, learning to care for animals, feels responsible for him. Also the child sees how an animal develops, learns to communicate with him, to play with. All this positively affects the development of the baby. Animals especially have a beneficial effect on the development of those children who are alone in the family. In this situation, the animal becomes a friend for the baby, as well as great companions for games. The child who has domashneeporno never be bored.

Soothing and healing factor . Most likely you know, stress relief and resting, it is useful to look at the floating fish, take the cat into my arms and pet him, take for a walk the dog. Animals always calm, can even cure depression. Some people have commented that, for example, cats can relieve headache and pain in the heart.

Pet: all against

Costs . Any pet is cost. Food, house, vet, shampoo, plates, toilet, cage and so on… of course All this costs money, but not too big. If you really love animals and need them, this minus will not stop you.

Allergies . With such a problem faced by many parents: having, for example, Kottak for a child, and in a couple of weeks it appears that the child is allergic. To avoid this situation, before you get a cat, you can make the child an Allergy test and find out if he has a reaction to wool or skin cells cats and dogs. If such a situation already happened it and master it, than to give the cat to the neighbors, contact your doctor-an allergist.

Crossings . Often it is this factor that stops immigrants families with children in acquiring a pet. Many believe that the family cat or dog is more difficult to rent an apartment, hire a car to move, harder to move and harder and then get to the new place. But, as practice shows, it is not so, the Israelis love Pets, and rare will be the owner against the family with the cat, if he likes you. It’s simple: if your cat or dog will ruin some furniture the owner, for repair it will pay you!

Mom 2-year-old angelina tells Leo: “We moved to Israel 6 months ago. At home my mother was left my cat. I spent my life with cats when I was born, we already had a cat. Of course, here I really missed the cat. And for the 4th month in the country decided it was time to make my cat. It is said, done! We had the usual striped kitten. Many twisted a finger at a temple, when I enthusiastically told me that we now have a live cat, said we were crazy, got a cat with a small child, and just before moving, because housing will be more difficult to remove. The cat lives with us for 3 months, we moved into a new home, finding accommodation for the family with the cat and child no problems were not, the baby loved it, so I’m completely satisfied. If you want a cat, start it up, his grace makes up for all the possible cons.”

Of course, for the Pets that were good and positive, despite all the possible disadvantages of living with a pet. If you feel that you and your child need a pet, do not hesitate, start. Even if the move is coming even if you don’t have a huge finances, the animal will fill your home with joy and positive and optimistic attitude will help you eventually solve all the difficulties!

Small (6 years) Theme arguing once with a friend where babies come from. Friend argued that children are bought at the store. The theme also insisted that children do not sell or buy, and they are born. But if you bought in the store, you come, for their parents not native.

This argument has led the opponent in great confusion and he ran to his parents to clarify the circumstances of its appearance in the house.

The Theme is an adult one time worked very hard and went to work when little Valerie was still sleeping, and came to the house when she was asleep. And then one day he had to leave so early. He shoes, approaches him already awake and She said, “Dad, you to us something come on.”

If a woman is feeding when you breastfeed.

So many disturbances we hear about morality or anything else, when it comes to feeding on humans. No judgment about the morality about big Breasts in advertising in a swimsuit or something of the sort, only admiration. And this is understandable. When the Breasts are for sex – is just top-notch, feed a child – yuck and gross.

Education and punishment. 7 tips how to raise a child and to keep nerves

“Take the toys, but I don’t know what will,” “act normal, you’ll be sorry”: “I will punish you”. You’ve heard or once said the child themselves? And how does it work? Is there a General effect of all these exhortations, cries, promises, punishment?

5 tips for parents about nutrition of children

Parents often spend hours scratching their heads over the issues of cooking for your baby: what products are most useful for your child? How to make his meals more balanced and delicious?