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Can a pregnant to take care of Pets?

Pregnancy and Pets. What can be the care of Pets during pregnancy?

Many pregnant women have Pets – cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, turtles, fishes, birds and other animals that lives in the house for years and often enjoy the right of full-fledged family member. The content of any animal in the house is connected with great responsibility and many worries for their owners: “smaller brothers” need to regularly feed, walk with them, to monitor their health. Is it possible to care for a pet during pregnancy, is not whether the danger of close contact with animals for the health of the mother and fetus?

The reasons for such concern is quite logical and understandable: it is no secret that animals are carriers of many infections and the most common cause of allergic reactions. Unfortunately, there are situations in which a pregnant woman is undesirable not only care, but generally any contact with a pet :

Allergic to animals . During pregnancy many women experience the first symptoms of allergies to animals, have long been living in the apartment. This is due to specific changes of the immune system in the body of the expectant mother. Allergen, i.e. the direct cause of an allergic reaction may be the excrement of the animal, its coat, sweat, saliva and other body fluids evaporating from the body surface of your pet in the air of the apartment. Sometimes there is an Allergy not on the animal itself, and on attributes of care, for example, feed for fish and birds.

An Allergy to a pet can manifest itself as itching, redness or rash “urticaria” is the minor red rash on the skin, the appearance of which may be accompanied by local or General fever. Often the symptoms of Allergy is the conjunctivitis – intense itching and reddening of the eyes accompanied by lacrimation, rhinitis or a runny nose with a pronounced Cihelny reflex and abundant transparent mucous discharge from the nose.

When such symptoms with your pet will have to leave at all during pregnancy. Infectious disease in animals or the detection of parasites he has. Fur and feathered Pets can live fleas that are vectors of dangerous infectious diseases, and also infectious to humans. In addition, any animal can become infected with rabies from their counterparts during the walk.

Worm infestation is another reason to limit contact with the pet owner in an interesting position. Many helminths (worms, parasitic in the body) in humans and domestic animals “in common,” i.e., possible contamination of owners from their Pets. Worms and other worms-parasites excrete eggs in the faeces of the animal; these eggs may be present on the fur of the animal and by direct contact often enter the body of the hosts. When pregnancy is doubly dangerous worms: helminths can cause a powerful allergic reaction and symptoms of intoxication in pregnancy with serious complications until the premature termination.

Particularly high risk of infection if your pet has free access to the street. Upon detection of parasites on the body or the appearance of the first signs of sickness – weakness, apathy, refusal of food, the sick animal must be completely isolated from contact with a pregnant mistress and immediately show the vet. It is important to check with the veterinarian diagnosed the animal, the possibility of infection for people and be sure to share that information with the physician supervising the development of pregnancy.

Aggressive behavior . It often happens that a pet is everyone’s favorite and actually is in the family place child: his pampered, carried, put to sleep in bed with owners. Animals are very sensitive to changes in the lifestyle of the family owners. It happens that a spoiled pet starts to feel jealous and showing unexpected aggression towards a pregnant mistress, which switches the attention of the household – barks, bites, scratches. In this case, animals will have to leave, as it is not sad for the owners: it may be dangerous for the mother and subsequently to the newborn.

The pet care in pregnancy is associated with physical exertion or risk of injury. Usually it is for the care of large animals – dogs, large cats. Of course, during pregnancy the expectant mother will have to give pleasure to raise your hands heavy pet, wash it in the squatting position and crouched as well – to walk with him, if pet has a habit of jumping, pulling on leash, or naprygivat the hostess, standing on his hind legs. This playful behavior can turn into an animal for the mother the risk of falling or injury.

Of course, such problems in the care of Pets during pregnancy does not always occur. In most cases, the expectant mother can during pregnancy to continue to take care of your pet, observe certain precautions:

During pregnancy, and better still at the planning stage of adding the family pet should be taken to a veterinarian to detect latent infections and may conduct additional vaccination. In the early stages, when particularly high risk of toxicosis, it is necessary to abandon such elements of care, as dressing change tray, cleaning of the aquarium or cage, combing wool and feeding the pet (this is especially true when using dry feed for dogs and cats or biofodder for fish and birds – they often develop allergic reactions).

Do not let the pet outside in an uncontrolled manner – it increases the risk of contact with infected animals, ingestion of rodents – carriers of dangerous infections or food waste.

A walk with the big dog it is better to pass on to other family members or at least to do it with them.