Advice animals under one year veterinary clinic
This is the most common misconception owners. These statements inspire buyers of purebred animals breeders for the purpose of obtaining alimony puppies and kittens. It should be noted that if…

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Can a pregnant to take care of Pets?
Pregnancy and Pets. What can be the care of Pets during pregnancy? Many pregnant women have Pets – cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, turtles, fishes, birds and other animals that lives…

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Cat food, canned food for cats, dry food for cats

The very first Pets were cats, and they have to this day never cease to be favorites of many. Since these animals for a well looked after, and not chewing on everything, they prefer many other Pets. But since the cat settling next to him, her diet is changing dramatically, it is necessary to know features of the structure of the digestive tract, to prevent terrible mistakes in the diet and not to bring the animal to disease. So, cats are carnivores and their digestive system is shorter. This means that in the diet of a pet is always a higher percentage must be present meat than other products.

Feed the cat from the master’s table, even if You are willing to give her the most, in Your opinion tasty, not worth it, because it’s no good will not. And prepare for pet helpful meals very expensive, as many of us simply do not have time.

That’s why, for over half a century, many owners prefer to feed your pet ready products, specially prepared for him.

Today there are a large variety of products for Pets, these include:

dry food for cats is supplied with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and also cleanses the teeth from Tartar. But this only feed a cat to feed, as this will cause their violations dejatelnostnogo the gastrointestinal tract.

dry cat food is better absorbed by the body and contains no animal byproducts or artificial fillers. Has a more superior taste than dry food.

canned food for cats – net contain more meat products than the previous two feeds and not provoke diseases of the stomach, because its consistency is most favorable for the animal.

Of course, it is important to spend a lot of time, and maybe even finances in order to find exactly the product that Your cat will eat with great pleasure. Before proceeding to the choice of food should consider several factors:

the health of your pet – so if he’s predisposed to any diseases, it is necessary to provide a special diet.

age, activity and breed cats are too many important factors, as the diet of young and old cats will be significantly different.

for pregnant or sterilized cats also need a special diet.

There are also some features in the storage of the product. So dry cat food can be stored for a long time, and it does not need a refrigerator, but dry food or canned food cats do not have the same terms and conditions of storage, they need to eat before.