Rabies is a deadly viral disease of animals and humans
According to the world health organization, annually in the world dies from rabies 55 thousand people . that is, one person in every 10 minutes. Economic damage this disease ranks…

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Plants dangerous for Pets
There are many plants that are dangerous not only for humans but also for Pets. In the area of risk are those animals that have the ability to move freely…

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The content spotted eublepharis

Ablefor or spotted leopard Gecko — manual unpretentious home-cooked lizards. We derive a variety of colors, so you can choose a reptile to your taste and not only the natural black and yellow colors. Leopard Gecko will amuse you with their antics and will be the darling of all family members.

Practical advice on the content spotted eublepharis

Prepare a terrarium for your leopard Gecko before you the reptile. The size of the house depends on how many speckled ablefor you want to have a Typical terrarium for reptiles it’s one high tank size 30*30*30 cm, for three leopard geckos— 50*30*30 see At the bottom of the terrarium, place live plants, branches, hiding places and pebbles;

Spotted tablefare ensure proper conditions of detention. Maintain the terrarium temperature not below 24ºC. At night the temperature can drop to 20ºC. To ensure a comfortable temperature for life as spotted eublepharis and live plants within the terrarium, place the fluorescent light;

Decide how many spotted ablefor you’ll make. It’s easiest to keep one leopard Gecko, but if you want to have more, we remember that the males fight. If you do not plan to breed spotted ablefor, give up the idea to have a male and a female. It is best to have two females leopard Gecko. Leopoldovicha females usually get along well. If you want to breed spotted ablavar, the best option would be a family of four females and one male;

Buy spotted eublepharis. Buy leopard Gecko in pet stores, or from reputable sellers. Before buying, be sure to examine spotted eublepharis: ask the seller the weight and watch as the reptile moves. Patients brindle ablefor sunken cheeks, protruding ribs, thin tail. Check that purchased leopard Gecko was in the cage alone. If with him there were other spotted eublepharis, check if they have signs of diseases or parasites, is not lost whether the tails or the color;

Feed and water spotted eublepharis. Leopard geckos are insectivores, they eat invertebrates small in size. Spotted eublepharis need to be fed at least twice a week, and preferably every two to three days. If you have several spotted ablefor, make sure that everyone got food. Feed your leopard geckos only live insects. These lizards eat crickets, cockroaches, flies, fruit flies, small worms, small spiders, and earthworms;

Keep the terrarium. Homemade spotted eublepharis susceptible to germs and dirt that accumulates in their terrariums. It is important to regularly clean their house at least once a week. Leftover food must be removed regularly;

Watch out for the health of spotted eublepharis. Some leopard geckos on the face appears infection. If this happens, gently wipe the face of a lizard with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Don’t handle the muzzle spotted eublepharis forcibly. If your pet attempts to avoid the procedure, don’t let it. Since there is a possibility that the stress of this procedure will harm the leopard Gecko more than the infection itself. Better install an air purifier in the terrarium;

Tame spotted eublepharis. Leopard geckos are perfectly used to communicate with the person. Auberry one of the few reptiles that are attached to their owners;

If spotted ablefor bites you, don’t yell, don’t push it and move, otherwise you will break his jaw.

Several recommendations on the content of leopard geckos

Although spotted eublepharis are inexpensive, not much about their contents. These reptiles need special heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers, lighting Add to this the regular costs of buying crickets and vitamins. In addition, the terrarium spotted eublepharis requires weekly care and cleaning. So first calculate all costs;

If you give food to eublepharis spotted in the same place in the cage, he will remember, and will always be waiting for her there;

Do not give a lot of crickets in one meal, so they are not bitten by the leopard Gecko;

I spotted ablefor fat stored in the tail. This means that the fat tail is a good indicator of the content of your pet;

If you decide to diversify your terrarium in other reptile species, learn will work spotted eublepharis with them, for example, with frogs, snakes, newts and frogs.