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The animals and people of different viral diseases.

On Friday in mass-media appeared information that Pets can catch the flu from their owners. However, in an interview with TV channel “360” veterinarian Marina Riviera has denied this information, saying that the animals and people of different viral diseases.

“Bullshit. It’s impossible. Human flu does not go on nor cats, nor dogs, nor birds, nor to whom. These are two completely different strain. All viral diseases are different in humans and in animals”, – said the interlocutor of TV channel “360”.

According to Rivera, among the viral diseases that cats get sick, flu-calicivirus and rhinotracheitis. However, they can be avoided, making the animal vaccinated once a year.

How to avoid the flu

“No cat flu, there is calicivirus, rinotraheitis, which can be called influenza, but it is not. This is the standard feline viral diseases, and to avoid it we need to vaccinate the animals”, said the Riviera.

Canine, head of laboratory of the anatomy Department of the veterinary Academy named after Skryabin, Alexander Vlasenko was very surprised that the information about what animals can get infected from humans with the flu. According to Vlasenko, the data do not correspond to reality.

“Vpervye hear that the disease was common from dogs, cats and people. [People and animals] quite a bit of common diseases, the most dangerous is rabies, in second place – skin diseases”, – said the interlocutor of “360”.

Information about the possible transfer of influenza virus from person to pet denied and the chief veterinarian of the clinic “Fauna” Natalia Yufereva.

“There are diseases that are typical only for animals and are typical only for people. And there are the anthroponoses diseases, which are specific for animals, and people. But the flu is a common disease for us and for dogs. The possibility of infection is ruled out,” said Yufereva.

Previously, “Russian news service” with reference to the veterinary surgeon of clinic “Zoodrug” Anna Miheeva reported that Pets may get infected from owners of seasonal diseases.

“Animals can get infected from people in all types of respiratory diseases. Owners must be careful, especially with them not to kiss, not to lick and generally try less to communicate”, – said Mikheev.

According to her, the symptoms in animals are the same as in humans: sore throat, fever, runny nose. Physician, infectious diseases-a virologist Sofia Rusanova noted that not all animals dangerous types of flu.

“The H1N1 virus And anthropozoonoses, that is, they can hurt both people and animals. Viruses b and C – anthroponoses, dangerous only for people. People are getting sick of all these strains,” said the expert.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia the peak of a flu epidemic will occur in late January or early February. A week and a half starts it starts to decline. The headquarters for the fight against flu organized in each municipality of the Moscow region. Polyclinics are translated into enhanced mode. They formed the necessary stock of medicines and equipment.