What kind of pet to have?
What kind of pet to have and what to look for when choosing a Thing.Roux will help to consider all "pros" and "cons", as well as talk about the possible…

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What kind of pet to have?

What kind of pet to have and what to look for when choosing a Thing.Roux will help to consider all “pros” and “cons”, as well as talk about the possible pitfalls.

We describe some animals who have, and what animal to buy a child.

How to choose a pet?

1. The decision should not be impulsive

In the pet store or bird market in the form of fluffy cats and adorable playful puppies do not succumb to the momentary whim or pity. Your pet will stay with you for years to come, so the decision should be well considered and deliberate.

2. Pick a pet for your lifestyle

Animals, like people, have their own biorhythms. For example, ferrets or sugar opossums prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake in the evening and at night. The kitten will pick you up at 6 in the morning – that morning the cat is most active.

Some animals, for example, ferrets or birds require constant communication. What kind of pet you can have, if you a little at home? Animal that quietly endure loneliness – rodent, fish or, in extreme cases, the cat.

3. Pick a pet according to their housing conditions

The largest animal is unlikely to be comfortable in a small apartment. But a cat or a dog of medium size is fine. If you are renting, don’t forget to ask the landlord what the domesticanimals can zavesti a rented apartment.

What kind of pet to have?

Selection of animals for home maintenance is now huge. But if you’re looking for easy to care for pet  does not recommend to be fond of exoticism. In addition to difficulties with feeding and content, search host exotics vet will also turn into a problem.


Contrary to popular belief about the independence of this animal, most cats are sociable and love attention. However, cats are not so demanding as dogs, although they need affection and play. Cats, with rare exceptions, picky eating and quickly accustomed to the tray, but I like that the filler was dry and clean, so clean have regularly.


Dogs are social animals and constantly need to communicate with the person. If you decide to get a dog, be prepared to give it at least a few hours a day.

Large and massive dogs are not best suited for keeping in an apartment. Some breeds require long and intensive walks, the other a thorough grooming. So please come to the choice of breed. In a family with a child it is better to take a small dog or medium-sized, better – companion dog, like a Labrador.

The dog is not enough to feed and walk, she needs love, attention, respect and care. Acquiring a dog, you take in the home of another family member!


Birds – parrots and Canary – smart and sociable, but require a lot of attention.

They need to devote at least 2-3 hours a day and the rest of the time to find them a job. From birds can be a lot of dirt, and for cleaning the cell and the surface around it will take a long time.


What better pet to have, if you have a small apartment and have no free time? The answer is rodent.

Rodents — hamsters, mice, rats, gerbils and Guinea pigs is quite picky and easy to care for. But they have, unfortunately, a very short life. Hamsters live for about 4 years, and rats and gerbils – 2.

Chinchillas are very delicate animals, they have frequent health problems, and they do not tolerate temperatures above +25.

Rabbits are intelligent and sociable, but sensitive to stress and need alone. They will be bad in the house a troubled family with a dog and a cat. In addition, rabbits tender, but with age they may develop aggression. In addition, without visiting the vet not do – rabbits were vaccinated twice a year.


Ferrets are fun and playful nature, they are very sociable and affectionate. However, their content requires a lot of effort: special diets, daily cleaning of the cage. Ferrets cannot be left alone for a long time, they have to walk (at least in the apartment) and to be supervised, as their curiosity sometimes leads to tragic consequences. If you are rarely home, have small children or a stressful job, ferret, probably not the best choice.

What kind of pet to have the child?

All children different in character and temperament, so maybe you’ll be able to decide what kind of pet is better to have the child. The main thing not to forget – all responsibility for the pet will still fall on your shoulders, like a child promised to take full care of themselves. If you agree, we can make almost any animal. Of course, not tarantulas, snakes and lizards, while someone more traditional.

What kind of pet to have the child? The fact that you agree to care!

If the child is very small or you have a family were not animals – you can start with fish . They do not require much care, and with daily feeding can handle even a baby.

Rodents are suitable for older children. Guinea pig is the best choice. They are cute, gentle, rarely bite and are not as fragile as hamsters or rats. Besides — most importantly — live up to 8 years.

The turtle is another favourite for children and easy to care pet. Although it is referred to as non-contact animals, she quickly becomes accustomed to the owner and learns it, allowing you to feed from a hand and stroked the shell.

Most often, of course, the choice stopped on the cat or dog . But their education should you do. Neither the cat nor the dog will perceive the child as his master is a role always belongs to adults.

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