Kyrgyzstan – the birthplace of the mammoths?
The other day in Bishkek brought the remains of an ancient animal, who two weeks ago was found near lake Issyk-Kul. Now scientists need to answer: whose is actually the…

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Who has a cat, he can not be afraid of loneliness.
The cat was described as the most perfect predator, as the embodiment of physical beauty as an ideal for the animal world example of combination of mental and physical qualities.…

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Expensive breeds of cats

Cats – one of the oldest companions of the man. Most of us are accustomed to mongrel cats that “walk by themselves”, or live in our homes. However, there is another category of these mysterious animals – pedigree cats. We present to your attention 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world.

Russian blue cat (up to$2000)

It’s not the most expensive breed of cats, but she enjoys great popularity since the time of ancient Slavs. And if earlier it was common only in Russia, in the late 18th century the situation has changed thanks to the English breeder K. Cox. Cats are calm and good with kids.

The Serengeti (to 2000$)

This breed appeared relatively not so long ago, by crossing a Bengal and Oriental breeds. Cats are very impressive – well-built, brindle colour, with droopy ears and long legs. Love the game, very mobile.

Which translated to English means “tiger”. Resemblance to a tiger’s really obvious. Or to be more precise, it is even a miniature of it and now every animal lover will be able to get home a tiger cub, paying a certain amount.

American Curl (up to$3,000)

You can meet both short-haired and long-haired dogs.But both have one distinctive feature is the ears, which seem specially wrapped back. And what is most surprising – at birth the kittens ears are no different from regular cats ears.

Elf (from 1300 to 3000 dollars)

The breed was developed recently in 2006. Outwardly, these cats look like a character from a fairy tale – they have huge eyes, no hair on the body and large ears are bent forward.

Bengal cat (up to$4,000)

Fifth in the list of most expensive cat breeds is the Bengal cat. They came by crossing the Asian leopard cat and the ordinary. This is truly a pet and favorite with the whole family – cats are very good-natured, is not aggressive, I love water and I love to lie on the shoulders of the owner.

This breed was obtained by crossing a wild cat from South America – Johua and normal cats. This gentle, kind and dedicated creation. The appearance of these cats are similar to normal Pets, but the character and intellectual capabilities are their main feature.

Kao-Mani Diamond eyes (up to 10000$)

This is a breed with a unique pedigree – for centuries they lived only in palaces. They look very noble and pure white coat and eyes that can be compared to bottomless lakes. Animals that are perfectly hardy and easily trained.

Very rare breed obtained by crossing a marsh lynx and Abyssinian cats. This graceful creatures with short hair and long legs. Differ high intelligence and great activity.

Savannah (up to 22000$)

This is the leader of our “10 most expensive cat breeds”. Cats of this breed distinguishes the noble appearance and simplicity. They are home and sociable, get along well with people and other animals, but at the same time, like other cats, I love walking.