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Cats – one of the oldest companions of the man. Most of us are accustomed to mongrel cats that "walk by themselves", or live in our homes. However, there is…


Expensive breeds of cats
Cats – one of the oldest companions of the man. Most of us are accustomed to mongrel cats that "walk by themselves", or live in our homes. However, there is…


Unusual Pets and their costs

Studies prove that Pets help avoid depression, asthma, allergies and improve the dynamics of family relationships. And the children who have Pets are much less likely to quarrel with their parents, have higher self-esteem and make more friends.

It is always possible to have a purebred cat or choose a cute watchdog from a shelter, but if you want something more exotic, then this review will help you make a choice.

Before you buy an unusual pet, it is important to consult with a veterinarian (a doctor, not a shop) about the living conditions, diet and frequency of walks. If you can provide the pet the necessary conditions, then go for it. Reptiles, rodents and marsupials are waiting for you in his arms.

Three-year-old Lama Juice is living with his mistress Nicole in the German city of mülheim.

Generally llamas are Pets more than three thousand years. For the first time to tame this strange animal was thought by the Peruvian Indians, who lived in the Andes. The main difference between home-Lam from wild — wool. At first it softer. But do not forget that the Lama is the closest relative of the camels. Therefore, to offend her is not recommended.

And just to warn you — to get a Lama is expensive. If you want, be prepared to pay from 3 to $200.

Homemade goats will surprise few people. In the villages domestic goats and goats can be found almost in cuidadora.

You know: goats are among the earliest domesticated animals on the planet. Although, I will not dissemble, many of those who are herding goats at home, do it for the sake of their milk, wool, fur, meat and leather. But if you do not pursue selfish goals, the goat may well become your faithful companion.

The average price for a goat is about 250$. But here variants are possible. If you really try, you can reduce the price by half. But if you money is not bad, then you have individuals for 35 thousand and more.

So happened that ponies because of their funny appearance, are also a means of gain in humans. They can be found in zoos, the circus, even on the streets. Everywhere and their owners will demand money from you for a Photo with their pet.

But it is not surprising. Because in order to buy a miniature version of the domestic horse, you want to shell out about 2500$. Wattana lies in his bed with his crocodile Kingom, province of Phichit, Thailand.

In General, to have a crocodile as a pet is a bad idea. Of course, the benefits enough. For example, your home will be under reliable protection. But the cons still more.

The Egyptians tried to tame this reptile in the V century BC. Nothing good is not led.

A predator always a predator. So we fix: make the crocodile is a bad idea. Don’t believe? Revise the film “Crocodile killer”. Not convincing? Then look at the price of 30 thousand rubles. Still want to buy the crocodile? Go for it. But for the consequences we will not respond.

The Wee frog sits on a miniature motorcycle in the resort of Pattaya, Thailand.

If you want something small and unappealing, but cockroaches you are no longer interested, think about that, to have a smooth clawed frog. This is probably the most unpretentious type of croaking. Nevertheless, the aquarium for this pet you will need. Yes and feed occasionally, but I have to. Its price — from $100 . The toad smothers? Then welcome to the closest pond.

Kangaroo Boomer asks for a beer the lady Katie in the village of Hartley Vale, Australia.

Kangaroo as a pet is uncommon. It is not surprising, given their dimensions. Besides, do not forget that they are found only in Australia.

In order to seriously attend to the issue of delivery of one such beast with a Green continent to your apartment, you must be a real fan of these marsupials.

Besides, the price will surprise you unpleasantly. In an average of kengurenka asked not less than 3 000$.

Though, the kangaroos are quite undemanding animals. Care for them is not so difficult. The main house to have more. And lawn the size of a football field.

The capybara is “enlarged” copy of the Guinea pig. The content from the normal pig is no different.

Another question that will have to feed more often, and more. The body length of adult capybaras is more than a meter. Height at withers 50 cm. And weigh on average 40 kg.

By default, the capybara is a wild animal. But if you can’t wait to have it at home, be prepared to provide her all the conditions (for example, a large tank of water). And prepare 500$.

If you have a child who wants to pet and hug the animal, then a good option would be one of these furry companions:

The Mongolian gerbil is an excellent option for children. They live four to five years, I love spinning the wheel and very sociable. The gerbil is a sort of cross between a hamster and a mouse. But still she remains a representative of wild fauna.

If this fact doesn’t scare you off, you can go to the pet store. Gerbil price — up to 15$ . Desert Fox or Fennec Fox is native to North Africa. Friendly and incredibly curious nocturnal animals, they can learn to come on call and execute commands (but nothing will teach them to dig any surface and chasing insects).

With the right upbringing Fenech will not differ from cats. These chanterelles have long been domesticated. The only thing that might deter is the price. Specimen quality is cheaper 1000 $ you’ll find hardly. Sugar marsupial flying squirrel — a small animal from Australia, very sociable and, of course, the sweet tooth, as the name implies. They need a large cage, lots of branches, omelets and grasshoppers.

The cost of this bundle of happiness is 150 $.

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