The biggest cat in the world
The cat is now one of the most popular Pets. The so-called animal companion. Once thought that the domestic cat is a separate species. In fact, this predator, is a…

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Room thrushes-fieldfares
In three weeks I went to town, got into the Internet and made many discoveries! It turned out that it is thrush that you can and want to feed him…

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The biggest cat in the world

The cat is now one of the most popular Pets. The so-called animal companion. Once thought that the domestic cat is a separate species. In fact, this predator, is a mammal of the cat family. Now familiar to all of us the cat is considered as a subspecies of forest cat. It was domesticated about 10 thousand years ago. According to some data, today, worldwide, there are about 600 million pet cats. They all belong to one of 256 species. This long-haired (Persian cat) and a fully bald (Sphynx). And all so different.

Cats grow all different. Relating to size. The smallest cat breed Singapore. An adult animal reaches 2 pounds of weight. By the way, they entered in the Guinness Book of records as the smallest. But for the title the barley house cat fighting two breeds. This is Asher and Maine Coon (Maine Coon cat). For a long time the Maine Coon held the palm. Mature males of this breed can weigh up to 10 pounds. And externally the animal looks like a lynx, he has the same ear tufts and tiger feet. There are similarities and Ocheretyany kit. However, unlike wild cousins, the Maine Coon is quite friendly.

The longest cat in the world

The representative of Partyman kun, the cat from the American city of Reno, Nevada named Stewie, has become the longest in the world. Record holder in a stretched state from the tailbone to the head has a length of 123 cm. This record was officially registered by the Guinness Book of world records.

The owner of a 5-year-old Stewie, Robin Hendrickson decided to apply to the Book after her friends began to marvel at the length of the cat. The hostess notes that it is not only the biggest cat in the world, but also the most delicate.

The cat-leopard was brought relatively recently American biotechnologists. Genetics, under the guidance of the UK entrepreneur Simon Brodie, crossed legged African Serval, a wild predatory cat with the Asian leopard. The result is a cat-a leopard or usher. The breed was named in honor of the pagan goddess. By the way, Brody has been trying to perfect in all respects the animal.

His staff several years ago bred a hypoallergenic cat. And now all who dreamed about an animal companion, but I was afraid to start it due to an Allergy to wool, can afford furry and faithful friend. However, is it won’t come cheap.

The ushers had already acquired a scandalous notoriety. The authorship of rocks Brody is being challenged by the Creator of cats Savannah. They were taken back in the 80-ies of the last century. However, while the case is pending in court and experts conduct DNA tests, usher remains the largest breed of cats.

In height, a miracle of nature reaches the meter, and cute creatures weigh about 15 pounds. Despite this formidable appearance, impressive size, predatory grin, powerful legs and an exotic look, the ushers have a pretty docile nature. They are not whimsical, a kind of typical domestic cats in habits: love to play with kids, to sleep, to snuggle on the owner and / meow.

Not cheap

By the way, little Asher, you can have at home. The cost of such a pet is “only” 22 thousand dollars. And this is another economical option. People with allergies will have to pay an additional 6 thousand dollars. The “kit” with the kitten is in full vaccination, annual health insurance cat, as well as 10 years of consultation with a veterinarian Ronald Tripp. This doctor is a real luminary of veterinary medicine, an internationally recognized expert on cats and care for them. And as a bonus, the usher attached to the implanted ID microchip, grooming kit, including toys and diet, elite nutrition for kitten, as well as a set of vinyl caps on the claws.

The biggest cat in the world

Experts of the Guinness Book of records officially recognized the Trouble the biggest cat in the world. Her body height increased to 48 inches. The length varies from shoulder to feet. This animal of the Savannah breed, that is a mixture of African wild cat and domestic non-pedigree. With its stunning length Trouble weighs a rather non – only 9 pounds. The cat does not like to eat much and prefers very active lifestyle. She is constantly running around, almost like a real wild cat.

Mistress cat-record holder, American Malaspina Debbie is very proud of his pet. A resident of California Sacramento says her ward in 3 years has left behind a cat, which was previously thought to be the largest in the world. Trouble has already received the official certificate confirming his record. On growth, he surpassed the previous titleholder – 44-inch cat breed Savannah named magic Scarletts.

The fattest cat in the world

The biggest cat in the world – the record is too vague. For example, the smallest and the tiny recognized the Himalayan cat named Tinker Toy. It weighed just 680 grams, has grown to 18 and 7 centimeters in height. Such a meager amount is the result of hormonal disorders in the kitten.

So the title of the biggest can compete and the individual with more weight. However, the hosts consider such records is rather questionable, because the extra pounds, and even grams do not add to the health of a beloved pet. So, the fattest cat in the world is the Australian Himi. It weighs 21 pounds, girth of 84 inches. Jimmy broke the record of a cat named Spice from Connecticut. This record Book of Guinness world records was a weight of 20 kilograms. The owners argue that the weight of the cat scored only because of his natural laziness.

The biggest cat 2007

By the way, the administration of the Guinness Book of records decided to cancel the category of “The fat cat”. All because the owners desire to become famous using their Pets can cause serious damage by animals.

The fat Jimmy, absolute champion, she couldn’t move independently and he died from respiratory arrest. He was 10 years old.

The largest cat

From overeating is unlikely to suffer a cat named Hercules. The largest cat, according to experts of the Guinness world records, eats at least 45 kilograms of food a day. It’s certainly not a home kitty, but lived among the people. It’s a hybrid, the liger. His mom tiger and dad is a lion.

The main difference of ligra of Hercules from his fellows that he is kind and obedient. He just adores his owner, Dr. Bhagavan. This kitty weighs a lot of record – 408 kg. Its body length of 3.6 meters, and a rise of 1.8.