Parrot diarrhea. Prevention and treatment
In 90% of cases of the disease in parrots, including diarrhea, occur at the fault of the owner of the birds is wrong podborany food for parrot, inadequate level of…

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Plants dangerous for Pets
There are many plants that are dangerous not only for humans but also for Pets. In the area of risk are those animals that have the ability to move freely…

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Rainbow Bridge (Pets) is:

The story tells that the souls of dead Pets go, beyond Heaven, a Paradise where the green of the clearing. Once the animal is out there, they are healed of all ailments and wounds. There they all run and play together, lacking only in one-in their hot-favourite hosts. But the day comes when a pet and its owner meet by reuniting now forever, together go to Heaven, leaving the rainbow Bridge.

The authorship and history

Despite all the known stories worldwide, the author of the original poem are unknown. Online resource About considering most of the possible authors, which gave rise to this beautiful story:

Paul C. Dahm, a lawyer from the USA who wrote the poem in 1981, and later published in a 1998 book of the same name;

Dr. Wallace Sife, head of the Association of People Lost their Pets, whose poem All Pets Go to Heaven has been published on the Association’s and in the book The Loss of a Pet .

The first mention of the Rainbow Bridge to the Internet is considered to be a message in the newsgroup rec.pets.dogs. dated January 7, 1993, quoting an excerpt from the newsletter “Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League Newsletter” released in 1992.

The History Of Radoznalost

Somewhere there’s another side of heaven called Rainbow Bridge. The death of a somebody’s beloved pet, he goes to the Rainbow Bridge. It is a place where there are many meadows and hills for all our friends, where they could be together to run and play. There is no shortage of food, and there is always good weather; our friends there are warm and cozy. All animals that were sick or were old, regain there health and filled with energy. All who had wounds and injuries, become again strong and sound; like the way we remember them and knew. Our Pets are happy there and are not in need of anything, except for one thing: they miss their owners — those whom they should have had to leave. They all together run and play with each other. But once the day comes when one of them abruptly stops and begins to stare into the distance. His eyes glow with determination. He begins to shiver intensely. And suddenly he runs away from his friends, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You learned, and when you finally meet with your pet, you are tightly hugging each other after a long separation, what would now be together forever. The happy kisses rain down on your face; you Pat him again, and again, look into trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never gone from your heart. And you go through the rainbow Bridge.

The government will determine breeds of dogs, which will need to train
The government is going to determine breeds of dogs, which will need to be sure to train. The corresponding list will be included in a bill about responsible attitude to…


How dangerous is psittacosis? Veterinary laboratory
Pathogen — neorickettsia (chlamydia), in their evolutionary development they are between bacteria and viruses. The source of infection is often a sick bird — a virus carrier, releasing the microorganisms…

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