What kind of pet to have?
What kind of pet to have and what to look for when choosing a Thing.Roux will help to consider all "pros" and "cons", as well as talk about the possible…

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The government will determine breeds of dogs, which will need to train
The government is going to determine breeds of dogs, which will need to be sure to train. The corresponding list will be included in a bill about responsible attitude to…

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TOP 7 most dangerous animals

We are all aware that Pets can sometimes be cute, furry animals, and very even dangerous to our health and sometimes even life, animals. But this does not mean that to have Pets does not need! On the contrary – is even necessary. Just need to remember on how to behave with animals and know how to protect themselves from danger that may come from your tender and affectionate, but still the beast!

So, the TOP 7 potentially dangerous Pets

Last, 7-th place belongs to a nice fluffy bunnies . in danger which is very difficult to believe! Often rabbits are our first domestic animal that people just buy from those considerations, that from them no harm. Well, except that gnawed wiring. But in the end, it can be prevented! But not so easy. Rabbits are carriers of a disease called tularemia, which is dangerous. It can be diagnosed only by medical means. So, try to get the rabbits their reliable sources.

All parrots favorite is on 6th place . In our list they were due to the fact that they are carriers of dangerous diseases psittacosis, which parrots can become infected and people. Although the annual number of casualties from etabolism and small, it is still worth to monitor the health of your feathered Pets. In addition, parrots owners of very sharp beak, which in itself can serve him a potent weapon against your hands, stick to his abode to the abode clean or just Pat a small of the warrior. So, be careful and don’t place the beak of your vociferous friends without proper attention!

Mice and rats too are caught in our anti-rating and ranked it the 5th position . Will not be original about again repeat that these representatives of the domestic animals also are carriers of many infectious diseases. As in previous cases, make sure you take home a perfectly healthy mouse or rat.

Up to 4th place in our rankings crawled turtles . that seemingly harmless creatures, and the main thing is not to forget to feed them. But not so simple in their case. Surely you have at least once to hear that even on hearing the dreaded word “Salmonella”! Now, our slow Pets very quickly can you infect the disease if they’re infected themselves.

Snake knowingly take 3rd place in our rating. These exotic animals are in themselves dangerous. For this reason, it is recommended to start only people who know all about their content at home . There are many cases when the snakes attacked the children and adult family members. Especially dangerous, they are in a state of hunger. So make sure that you understand what you are dealing with before you start with exotic animals.

The penultimate 2nd place goes to the dogs! The reason for this is the fact that some breeds are themselves quite dangerous and an inexperienced lover can be tough. The Internet is full of information about how combative breed dogs attacked their owners. Before making a choice of breed, it is important to understand what you might face in the future. If a breed representative you are thinking to take home, requires skills training – well-consider whether you have established.

And finally the first place . It belongs to cute cats . who walk alone. While walking, they can pick up from the yard many diseases, which unfortunately are dangerous to humans. Many, probably, have heard about the terrible disease toxoplasmosis, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women as it can affect prenatal development of the child. And that’s not all. For example, cats can carry rabies . which, if not treated on time, can end in death. So, be especially vigilant if you as a pet cat. Regularly tested and don’t let her walk around in dubious company.

Overall, if you’re careful and vigilant, you have nothing to fear! Love your Pets, watch out for them and their health and all will be fine!

All those wishing to buy a dog . a cat or any other pet, as well as to buy supplies or to use the services for your Pets, such as binding . grooming . training and other services, welcome to the portal for pet owners.

Spaying and neutering: we destroy myths about inhumane treatment of animals!

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It has long been known that the higher the GDP per capita in some country, the sweeter he is doing there brothers our smaller. The number of dogs on the streets of London, Paris, new York, Barcelona once again speaks in favor of interdependence between the viability of people and their predisposition to Pets.

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