Plants dangerous for Pets
There are many plants that are dangerous not only for humans but also for Pets. In the area of risk are those animals that have the ability to move freely…

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Houseplants that are dangerous to the health of humans and animals
Unhealthy plants.As we know, indoor plants decorate the interior, clean and humidify the air and create comfort in the house and in a good mood. Seemingly solid pros. But before…

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Cat breeds

Believe it or not, but a long time ago in one of the monasteries of Ancient Burma (now Myanmar) was an amazing event.

According to legend, the robbers attacked the Church and wanted to steal the stored gold-plated statue of the goddess Tsun Huangze. The robbers almost won, when suddenly there was a loud scream that came from the favorite of the deceased elders of the local monks — the cat Sinha, who was sitting on the head of his master.

Large, weighing about 10-15 pounds, with long hair on the abdomen and the back, but almost shorthaired at the front, with tassels on the ears and a soft, inaudible tread – such a description rather evokes associations with a wild cat or reed cat, but not with a pet. However, it is still cats, great Pets cats breeds Maine Coon, or, as they are called Maine Coon cats.

These animals are exceptionally friendly disposition, very hardy and very active, I love to play different games and also get along well with children. However, in this case, the Maine cat breed is a very shy nature. Maine Coons make quite a pleasant gentle meow, but each cat has its own intonation. Experts say that it is impossible to find two cats of this breed with the same voice. Maine cats need a large enough space for walking, both at home and on the street. They prefer to sleep in strange positions, and often in quite unusual places.

American Bobtail (this breed is also known as the Yankees-Bob) is a representative of amazing, but rather today a numerous family of tailless cats. No, the tail is definitely there, but the fact of the originality – it’s too small. Despite this unusual for cats appearance, the Bobtail effortlessly won the hearts of cat lovers around the world. Now and the varieties of Yankee Bob a lot, and other cozahost rocks enough. However, such distribution takes place only in America.

Bengal cat with many reason can be attributed to wild cats, but with appropriate “wild” appearance it is gentle no less than an ordinary home. that is, in fact, was more than forty years ago the motivation for the creation of the breed.

The history of the breed

In 60-ies of the last century, to the student-the genetics of Jeanne Miles, who lived in Arizona (USA), came up with the idea through the intelligent and systematic breeding to create a breed of cats, which for all the beauty of wild cats would be inherent kind and gentle nature of the cats home.

Abyssinian cat breed Shorthair cats are medium in size, are distinguished by a rich uniform color. Cats have an aristocratic posture and great grace. Expressive eyes with dark outline, large ears, unusual coloring and specific body type give the appearance of the Abyssinian cat charm is a “little wild Cougars”.

The history of the breed

The name “Abyssinian” this breed owes its ancestors to the ancient cats who lived two thousand years ago in Ethiopia (Abyssinia). For that time this area was characteristic to consider cats as sacred animals, contain which was a great honor, available only to kings and high families of the court nobility. It is no exaggeration statement of the fact that the Royal dignity and grace in the Abyssinian blood.

Chinchilla – the acknowledged aristocrats of the cat world. Still it is not known why this name was given to the breed, and even the coloration of these cats is the opposite color of the South American rodent, which bears a similar name. However, the fact remains: the cat was named that way, and the name stuck. Chinchilla is not only the name of the breed. but the name of the color the cat.

Thanks to the amazing appearance: “Arctic Fox” fur coat, large emerald green eyes, underlined by a dark rim, red to brick red nose, outlined with dark trim on her lips and contrasting with General coloration black paws, chinchilla invariably is the winner of many competitions feline beauty.

The British Shorthair is one of the oldest breeds. The first official representatives appeared at the sunset of the XIX century

A couple of decades ago in Russia very few people interested, many popular breeds of cats. And the flourishing breeding has been associated with the breed, imported to Russia from the former socialist countries, mainly referring to “Persians”. “The Persians” was so popular that other breeds just don’t have room at the shows. Undoubtedly, the breeders Persian cats have achieved magnificent results, but like any fashion, the popularity of “the Persians” has declined, replaced long-haired breeds came fascination Shorthair cats. The main factors of change in orientation were undemanding in care of the representatives of short-haired domestic cats and a wide variety of breeds and colors that can satisfy the most selective tastes.

“Siberians” are one of the most ancient breeds of longhaired cats. It should be noted that this breed has always been popular among breeders and among simple breeders. Maybe someone will seem that in the rock there is nothing special, but it is not. If for no other reason that Siberian cats like no other combines beauty and grace. For their worth in terms of home maintenance can be attributed to the simplicity in life and nepriveredliv to the harsh climate.

With its long and dense fur, the cat of this breed perfectly tolerate cold and frost. The only condition for ensuring animal-friendly content – there is sufficient space. Of course, they can live in an ordinary apartment, but the best option for these cats is considered to be a cottage or country house .