Unusual Pets: Iguana common
Thinking about Pets in the first place, remember the cats and dogs. It is of course. It is cats and dogs are the most common Pets among Russians and citizens…

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New year and Pets
Pre-holiday bustle, bright elegant tree will definitely cause a huge interest in your pet. The animal will be considered or even try to play with fir branches and toys. so…

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In the Rostov region began spring vaccination of domestic animals

In the Rostov region began spring vaccination of domestic animals. Inoculation on year ensures, in particular, protection against rabies, vectors of which are foxes. The recent cases were reported in two districts of the region.

Visit the team of veterinarians takes no more than 15 minutes. Routine vaccinations for animals in the Rostov region are doing right at home. So no four-legged inhabitant of the backyard will not avoid unpleasant, but necessary procedure. Nelly Linchuk such rounds am glad, otherwise she would have to wage a veterenarnaja station all his flock, according to the “TV Center” .

One vaccination guarantees the animal for a whole year protection from anthrax, plague, leptospirosis and the most common disease is rabies.

“On site there have been outbreaks of rabies, laboratory research, it was confirmed. But a lesion is localized. All dangerous diseases, transmitted from animals to humans. Therefore, fighting with them,” said the paramedic Oleg Fedoryshyn.

The source of the rabies almost always be wild animals that wander into the compound. Although the nature of such animals behave very carefully during illness they traumstra and sometimes even attack Pets.

To catch in the desert Fox or raccoon dog – is almost an impossible task. Animals possessing a keen sense of smell, the presence of a man can feel for miles. The vaccine, reminiscent of biscuits, the only way to protect animals against rabies.

A rabid cat has bitten five residents of the Rostov region

Spring vaccination in the wild, mainly foxes and raccoons. These animals often come to visit residents of nearby villages. Plastic ampoule with the vaccine inside hidden in a sweet shell with a strong smell of cocoa. Against such delicacy, I assure hunters, none can resist the beast. Just one drop of the drug, which is Packed with such treats, guaranteed to protect the animal from disease.

“Lay on the tracks of the Fox, near the reeds, where the progress of foxes, animals. Preferably near the hole to put that long looking for, not missing a vaccine,” – said the chief veterinarian of the Neklinovsky district of the Rostov region Vyacheslav Mindarrow.

Doctors say that due to universal vaccination they are able to maintain a favorable epidemiological situation. The effectiveness of vaccinations convinced the owners of livestock. After you are finished with the vaccination, WebReady go again to house to take blood samples for leucosis and brucellosis.

Dogs and cats carry more than 30 pathogens
Rabies vaccination does not guarantee complete safety of your pet, as dogs and cats carry more than 30 types of bacteria that cause dangerous infections, among which are Staphylococcus aureus…


Other dog breeds, Poodle
As already mentioned in the introductory article, there are some dog breeds that have the morphological characteristics cannot be attributed with certainty to any particular group, and the known sources…

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