New year and Pets
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World of animals: best of the best
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Top 10 most expensive exotic Pets

Without a doubt, we all adore our household Pets, especially lucky in this respect cats and dogs. In the United States alone is home to over 86 million pet cats and 74 million dogs, while in Canada, about 35% of the local population is a happy dog owners and 38% of cat owners. But don’t forget about other household inhabitants: today, the third place firmly in aquarium fish, with more than 170 million individuals imprisoned in aquariums, followed closely by horse – over 15 million of these wonderful animals officially registered in the United States. But there are also people who yearn to stand out from the crowd. They have houses you can find the most exotic and expensive animals, which many have not even heard.

10. Bengal male $ 3,000 a Bengal cat was born as a result of a long process of crossing domestic Shorthair black cats and Asian leopard. The purpose of this cross-breeding was to obtain a cat of medium size with the normal behavior of the domestic cat, but still retained the color of a leopard. It took to cross up to five generations to get a Bengal cat that meets all these requirements.

9. Snow macaque – 3 $ 500 Snow macaque is a smaller Primate with a life span of up to 30 years. They became widely investibility their bald red face. The view at the moment is under threat of extinction. At home the behavior of these macaques is similar to the behavior of unruly young children who need constant attention and a large cell, so they do not have time to destroy your house when you’ll just step out.

8. Striped pastel Python ball – 7 $ 500 This rare species of pythons is especially valued for its unique color: beige stripes with black edges sets them apart from all other snakes. The Python grows up to five feet in length and can live for almost 30 years. It is a passive animal that distinguishes it from other exotic counterparts.

7. Capuchins – $ 10,000 Named after the monks of the Capuchins, obuchavshikhsya in robes, hiding their faces, these monkeys are their colour repeat them, which makes them incredibly charming. They are often used in Hollywood as Pets, just remember the movie with Jim Carrey and the TV series “Friends”. Often monkeys are used as helpers for the disabled, but most of the time they have to be kept in a cage because of their activity, these monkeys can incur a lot of problems. In captivity this species can live up to 50 years.

6. The camel – $ 10 000 Camels were domesticated even 5,000 years ago, so outside of the West they are considered normal Pets, helping people in their daily work. However, in the U.S. domestic camel will cost you $ 10, 000, additionally, you will have to pay for transportation of the animal and to purchase a special license. In addition, a precondition that must be met is that the owner of the camel must have at least 2 acres of their land. As you can see, the government is very careful about respecting the rights of camels.

5. Hyacinth macaw – 11 000 dollars the world’s Largest flying parrot – hyacinth macaw, is getting closer and closer to becoming endangered species. The wingspan of this bird reaches 1.2 meters, and the birds grow up to 1 meter in length. They are incredibly strong, so for them the content of the heavy-duty cage. In addition, these parrots tend to bite their owners, so birds at an early age to properly raise and educate. Macaws can live up to 60 years, and during that time to gain some vocabulary, he will definitely delight your guests.

4. Palm cockatoo – $ 16,000. Yet one incredibly expensive parrot palm cockatoo. Because of their unusual appearance, these parrots are literally selling like hot cakes among fans of the exotic. But be prepared for the fact that the content of this bird will fly you a pretty penny, palm cockatoos need a strict diet, which includes Brazil nuts, pine nuts, apples, oranges, pomegranates, sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli and cabbage. Palm cockatoos breed very poorly in captivity and is able to lay only one egg every two years.

3. Savannah (cat) – 22 000 $ the Savannah is the result of a successful mating a domestic cat with the African Serval is a wild cat of medium size that live South of the Sahara desert. Savannah is a very intelligent and peaceful cat, but to get it incredibly difficult, because often the pairing process fails. The price of this cat depends on how much percent it is close to servals. One of the most expensive cats are considered to be in the blood that up to 75% Serval DNA, but a real rarity – Savannah, whose one parent is a pure Serval.

2. Chimpanzees– 60 000 – 65 000 dollars to Bring home chimps may seem like a great idea, they are smart, like people and are friendly, judging by the movies. But few people know that chimpanzees are quite aggressive animals listed in the Red book. Their homeland is Central and Western Africa. Many owners of these animals often resort to the fact that they removed the teeth to prevent bites, and sometimes large fingers, preventing all attempts to climb up objects in houses. Despite the cute look that they gave Hollywood, chimpanzees are wild animals, not designed for comfort.

1. White lion cubs – $ 140,000 In connection with a recessive genetic mutation in the world and then there are the white lions. Their cost is $ 140,000, but, even with that kind of money, you are unlikely to be able to purchase it because they are incredibly rare and are born only in zoos. But even if you manage to become the owner of such lion, we should not forget that sooner or later he will become an adult lion and you will have to reckon with it.