Other dog breeds, Poodle
As already mentioned in the introductory article, there are some dog breeds that have the morphological characteristics cannot be attributed with certainty to any particular group, and the known sources…

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15 exotic animals, that may be your pets
To have a pet is a very important step, to which many refer as to buy another article of clothing. But in vain. Because the animal becomes a full member…

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Pets will be excellent teachers for your child

Not all parents are aware that Pets bring real benefit to its owner – they are the perfect teachers for young children. That is why sooner or later in adults, the question arises how to choose a pet at a pet store. Of course, it is highly recommended to consider all aspects related to the care of Pets since and is followed by carefully monitored and nurtured. Experts have identified five good reasons to buy your child a pet.

1. The child will become responsible. As you know, Pets form the children a sense of responsibility and learn to care from a very young age. Satisfying the need of the animal in affection and amusement, simultaneously talking to him, the child will eventually become more empathetic and compassionate. Parents, before buying a pet for your child, you need to realize the seriousness of this act. In addition, you should explain to the child that animals are not toys, and they require constant care and walking.

2. Have confidence in your own abilities. Along with the responsibility for the life of the animal the child is instilled self-confidence. In the process of training the pet, the child reaches certain outcomes, which allows him to take pride in themselves and overall achievements. And it develops such boleznennymi as a sense of purpose and enjoyment from their labour.

3. The baby will have less risk of allergies and asthma. Scientists for a long time there have been many studies that prove that children who have Pets less likely to suffer from allergies and asthma. The immune system of babies under one year greatly strengthened, if there is regular contact with the pet dander, that allows to avoid many diseases in the future.

4. There is a positive impact on the physical development of the child. All animals, especially dogs, are very mobile by nature, so the child, when spending so much time with them, becomes more hardy. Regular walks with the dog have a positive impact on physical development of kids. Moreover, thanks to the games with Pets, children are always in shape and in good spirits.

5. Trains concentration and calm. Experts say that prolonged contact with Pets will contribute to the normalization of mood in the child and makes his life more intense. For example, when the baby hugs the dog, then forgets about all the minor offense, and in the evening the presence of the animal in the nursery allows your baby to quickly fall asleep, as he does not feel alone in the room.

Pets have become victims of barbaric persecution in Birobidzhan
According to pet owners, the following objects of the actions of the unknown wrestlers with stray cats and dogs will have children Birobidzhan, February 28, EAOMedia. Frequent cases of poisoning…


International research center treatment and rehabilitation animal
Veterinary center, which focuses on inpatient treatment and rehabilitation. The staff of the centre are doctors, rehabilitation experts, specialists in caring for animals after surgery and severe pathological cases. International…

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