Stick insects - Unusual Pets
Insects rarely kept as Pets. For some it is difficult to care, others look too unattractive. But the stick is another matter. In fact, they are most common among insects…

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Animals that you never would have thought they were relatives.
We've learned that the relationship determines the resemblance: is it fair to expect a couple blue-eyed blondes have the same blonde kid with eyes of heavenly color. However, the nature…

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Plants dangerous for Pets

There are many plants that are dangerous not only for humans but also for Pets. In the area of risk are those animals that have the ability to move freely around the apartment: Guinea pigs, birds, hamsters, cats, dogs and other Pets.

If the animal is indifferent to the plants, it does not mean that he is not threatened. Very dangerous plants with thorns – animal by accident during the game can prick. This time delay such sores may need very much. Therefore, you should not put in free access of plants that can harm animals. In order to protect others, you can use a closed display cases, high stand or hanging planters.

Most often from poisonous plants suffer cats that have no access to the street. Grass is a source of vitamins and is necessary for normal functioning of the digestive system. Therefore, domestic animal have to pay attention to flowers, which are not always useful.

The assertion that animals are able to identify harmful plants or useful for them, is illegal. In the apartment it is nothing to choose, so they start to bite that is. In order not to harm your pet, you need to grow specialnote (seeds are sold at any pet store).

But not only flowers can be dangerous for animals, various chemicals used in floriculture can cause irreparable harm to animals. For example, when spraying is often used funds from pests if the plant will try one of allowed, it can be fatal.

When watering uses various feeding, the excess of which flow into the pan. Almost none of the cat or the bird will not miss the opportunity to try this water, the outcome can also be sad. Therefore, make sure that the pan does not accumulate water, it is better to use such containers, where the pallet is closed to external access.

The most dangerous plants are poisonous flowers. i.e. those that are dangerous for humans. Also here you can include plants with sharp thorns, in the first place – it’s a Cactus or Aloe, with sharp ends.

If the animal is still poisoned after “Breakfast” the green friend, should provide immediate medical assistance: give activated charcoal and consult a veterinarian. When hit by splinters should be carefully removed it with tweezers, and the wound be processed with antiseptic.