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How birds foretell rain

Feathered inhabitants of the globe can not only delight us with their beauty and wonderful singing. They are able to predict the rain. so much so that some weather forecasters should learn at them. No wonder there are a lot people’s will and Proverbs about the weather-related behavior of the birds.

Our ancestors had no Internet, no TV with the weather forecast, so they had to observe nature and its inhabitants, they succeeded. Modern climatology, with good technical and research base also does not ignore the “predictions” of birds, and finds scientific confirmation of national signs.

Why birds can predict the rain?

Birds have a very well developed senses, so they can not only perfectly oriented in space, but also to catch the slightest changes in atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature of the air, to feel the weakening of solar radiation and the decrease in light when the first clouds before the rain .

Birds are sensitive to changes in the electric field before thunder storm and rain. All birds feel that people can notice, carefully observing them.

“Birds are the barometers” predicting rain:

Perhaps the most famous signs: swallows fly low during the day – soon it will rain. Indeed, before the rain insects, which pitulski, do not rise high above the ground, and over them the swallows and Swifts also have to reduce altitude.

Sparrows tumbling in the dust of the road – wait for rain. The same can be said if, instead of shrill chirp of vorobyshki quieted down and became sluggish.

Ornithologists observed that many birds before the rain anxiously shout. For example, a loud and disturbing scream daws, owl-Scops owl before the bad weather even during the day give voice with displeasure and hoarsely cawing crows, starlings before the rain gather in dense flocks and make a loud noise, Oriole melodious trills instead emits a sharp, unpleasant sounds.

The Chaffinch is one of the most sensitive to weather birds. Hunters have long noticed that when the finches flit restlessly and alarmingly next to the nest, jumping from branch to branch without any purpose, it will soon rain. If Chaffinch is behaving very restlessly, a sure sign of the approaching storm.

The knock of the woodpecker is also able to predict the weather. When on a nice summer day you can hear the drumming of a woodpecker, it will soon rain. The reason is simple – before the rain bugs and insects trying to hide under tree bark, where woodpeckers find them much easier.

Many birds before the rain and storm trying to find shelter and hide. Do the pheasants, grouse and partridges. Wild ducks, sensing the approach of bad weather, rushing to hide in coastal thickets. – Before the rain woodcocks and grouse.

Low the flight of the cranes is also a sign of impending rain.

If you look closely, you will notice that even indoor birds that live indoors in cages changing their behavior prior to inclement weather. They become anxious and restless.

Knowing about the peculiarities of the behavior of birds before a bad weather, there is no fear that the rain will catch by surprise, because feathered friends will warn you about the impending bad weather.