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The procedure of cremation of animals

Life is too serious thing. Sometimes things do not go as we would like. Sometimes in measured and quiet life there are problems that require urgent resolution.

Our loyal friends

The image of a close-knit family is associated with any pet. It is often a fluffy kitty or a faithful dog, at least – birds, rodents, fishes. We need their community, their loyalty and affection, and they need our love and care.

The one who has kept Pets knows that there comes a time when you have to leave with a friend who went “to the rainbow”. After all, our Pets are living much less than we do: dog and cat age is short, about 15 years.

And so it has come, this is a sad day. Your favorite dog will no longer touch your cold nose in your hand and your naughty kitty will no longer sleep in her favorite spot. The soul will fly away to another world, and the hands are the body. Is your best friend and let this man, but the hand does not rise just to throw it away.


To render the last duties to your pet through contact with our organization, the services of which is cremation allowed. Specialists have experience, and they will be easy to efficiently solve the problem. You can fully rely on them. There are two types of cremation of animals: common and individual. In the first case, the plant burned corpses,ashes of the owner will not receive. During individual procedure grimiruetsya one animal. The owner may be present during the procedure, his desire is filming, at the end you get the urn.

The advantages of cremation of animals in that it is much more profitable. Of course, there are cemeteries for animals, but it is expensive in terms of annual payments for the maintenance of the burial site. Otherwise your friend will dig, and the place will be resold. Individual cremation is also an expensive procedure, so, deciding on it, it is necessary first of all to clarify and to determine the order, then where to put the trash.

the procedure of cremation

If you decide on cremation, no further action has been taken over the organization. Once you sign a contract with it, experts will take the body of the animal. Further action will take place in the crematorium, where if you wish and the corresponding additional payment will be carried out individual procedure. Also affect the price and weight of the deceased animal. Ashes placed in an urn and bring them home. You can do as you wish: to bury the trash in the city Park a favorite place of your walks or to scatter the ashes far away in the woods.

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