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International research center treatment and rehabilitation animal

Veterinary center, which focuses on inpatient treatment and rehabilitation. The staff of the centre are doctors, rehabilitation experts, specialists in caring for animals after surgery and severe pathological cases.

International research center treatment and rehabilitation of animals ZOOVET is one of the few veterinary clinics in Moscow that provide veterinary services to almost any type of animal contained in the apartments, whether it be cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles or birds.

Situated in a separate building on 3 floors with a total area of over 1000 square meters, the center of treatment and rehabilitation of animals ZOOVET is today one of the largest veterinary clinics in Russia.

The center for the treatment and rehabilitation of animals include: therapeutic classrooms, two separate operating rooms, post-operative unit with comfortable living quarters, offices, visual diagnostics, veterinary pharmacy, comfortable and large lounge. Because of this, in the veterinary center ZOOVET Your Pets can benefit from all the achievements of modern veterinary medicine.

Center for treatment and rehabilitation of animals ZOOVET has all the necessary equipment for a full diagnosis and accurate diagnosis of a pet. The center employs highly qualified specialists of diagnostic imaging. Deystvuesh veterinary laboratory. allowing in the shortest terms to perform laboratory tests.

It is worth noting surgical services. carried out in the veterinary center ZOOVET. At each operation works anesthetic team. If necessary use a ventilator, oxygen. Status monitoring of the patient by monitors, which allows to conduct operations of high complexity even patients in serious condition.

At the center of treatment and rehabilitation of animals ZOOVET works emergency veterinary care, hour dispatch service and several duty doctors. Doctors ambulances fully equipped with necessary drugs and supplies. You can also get the following veterinary services without leaving home: ultrasound, ECG, specimen collection for laboratory tests and some types of surgical operations and other services.

International research center treatment and rehabilitation of animals ZOOVET has close scientific and practical contacts with specialists in the veterinary clinics of Europe. Experts veterinary centre periodically undergo training in foreign clinics and veterinary medical schools.

Veterinary center ZOOVET participates in the program of postgraduate education.

The center’s specialists are regular speakers of Russian and international veterinary conferences.

The provision of veterinary services in our center is provided on the basis of the Contract provision of veterinary services.