Room thrushes-fieldfares
In three weeks I went to town, got into the Internet and made many discoveries! It turned out that it is thrush that you can and want to feed him…

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International research center treatment and rehabilitation animal
Veterinary center, which focuses on inpatient treatment and rehabilitation. The staff of the centre are doctors, rehabilitation experts, specialists in caring for animals after surgery and severe pathological cases. International…

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The puppy not peeing outside

Puppies of some breeds learn “to go to the toilet on the street” in 4 months, most of them in 7-8 months and some breeds are notorious late and difficult to get used to the cleanliness. More on this later. Even if your puppy by age still can’t stand the house and all the “things” to do on the street, that doesn’t mean he needs to pee and to poop only at home — so he’ll never learn clean.

There are a few tricks will help your puppy make his first puddle on the street.

1) Note what time the puppy wakes up. Prepare everything in advance — the shoes, the coat, the hat… All is right in my pajamas it was possible to throw on the robe and drag the kid outside. Set the alarm clock. Get up — sleepy puppy to the household, quickly snapped up the robe and on the hands bring out your pet on the lawn. Walk 5-10 minutes. Did not work? Upset early.

2) Before you feed the puppy, put on his collar and leash. Put the bowl. Once he ate on the right hand and stand on the lawn. There again waiting for 5-10 minutes. If during this time did not work — your dog is just heroically sustained. Patiently waited and waited and all brought home. Rejoice! His body pozvolyaya to control their own impulses, and therefore once he masters the cleanliness will be as hard all “to convey” to the street.

3) follow a. Perhaps you sadly selectivite hands when the puppy once again writes on your favorite carpet and even can’t keep the reproach: “well you’re on the street you did nothing!” And then on the street you go and constantly look at the puppy, thinking: “Well, when?!” Puppy resistant your eyes reading a threat and keeping your frustration home with you afraid to make a puddle, wait till you at least turn away… Try less emotions to show in the puddles at home, and outside praise the puppy if he smells someone else’s label — the urine or the feces left by other dogs.

4) Try to walk ad nauseam. Running with a puppy. To feed him to drink… If it took 3 hours and the puppy is still not signed, skip to the next paragraph…

5) Urine and feces is the label, than the dog indicate territory. Imagine that you are going to take the flag and go wave it in the street of a strange town in a strange country. Puppy scared to leave their scent in the yard, where I have left the “boxes” many other unfamiliar dogs. Try to wipe the puddle of the house with a rag and then the rag to take to the street. Walk around it and let the puppy from time to time to smell it. And when sniffing — praise. The puppy will see that his smell on the street is good. Usually, even if not in this, then following a walk, he sure will get pissed on the street.